Wisdom for Success (Part 2)

Last Year – A Mess!   And This Year – Bliss

Have you gone through a period in your life when things just seemed to be going wrong?  It’s time to access Your “Wisdom for Success”.  

Last year wasn’t my best.  However in 2016, accessing our Wisdom for Success means 2016 will bring more happiness, success and wealth.

I had health challenges; was dealing with some really nasty people; it seemed everything I did in my business took so long; all this messed up my finances.  What a mess I was in …

Did you read Wisdom for Success (Part 1)?   If not, please do – click the link –  you will see I was not taking my own advice!!

So back to now …

How Things Have Changed …

How did I get out of the deep dirty rut?

Luckily, I thought back … had I gone through this set of circumstances before?  That’s when I remembered how I had dealt with some pretty major rough patches in my life.

Well, not the same specific circumstances, but I had certainly been through some deep ruts, high mountains and nasty obstacles quite a few times – what did I do back then, I thought?

Ups and Downs of lifeThen the realization … these rough patches were an important part of life’s process, to then take me to even better successes and more happiness in the future.

It is really important to realize this.  Just as we have the ups in life, we must realize every coin has two sides.  

To appreciate the ups in our life, we need to also experience the downs.

Well and good, I thought, but that doesn’t help me now.  I don’t want to feel like this any longer!

Get me out of here …

First Things First

There were so many things messing me up – work, people, health, everything – or that’s how it seemed.

Tossing up too many balls means they land on your head.   So choose the most important ball, catch it and let all the others fall on the floor.   Don’t worry, they will stay there, and when you have handled the ball in your hands, and are happy you have done everything you can to shine it up and get it just as you want it, you can put it in its place and pick up the next ball.

In my case, my health was the most pressing and important ball.   So everything else had to wait.  I got help from my doctors, dentist, specialists, naturopath, personal trainer and anyone else whom I thought would help me in my mission back to fantastic health and fitmess, and now I have tackled about 5 health challenges with great success, I am feeling better than I have for a long time.

Next hassle, nasty people.   Well, I did not polish this ball, I smashed it with a steel cricket bat!  I have eliminated them!   No not murder, although that thought has some appeal.  I eliminated them from existing in my life, my mind, gone!

Business challenges, well that’s a little bit harder to deal with, but with the other issues fixed, I feel clear and confident that I am well on the way.   And how?   Well just as seeing the big picture in the concept of priority balls to deal with, I have broken down the business challenges into balls I need to get bright and shiny.  There are quite a few on the floor to be honest, but the first priority is given to you, my subscribers, and so importantly my wonderful customers and clients, and this is something that I just love doing.

I am relaxed about it all, and know that the natural synchronicity for which I am constantly on the lookout, will bring me opportunities that will fit into my business plans.  So, no need to fuss, I just look forward to a very successful 2016.

So how does this fit into the overall Wisdom for Success.  It’s so simple:

  1. Relax, stop stressing – it will only hold you back.   Consider which areas you need to help you with this, eg fun, family, fitness, finances, freedom (the 5F).   For example, what do you have fun doing, keep fit, involve your family, etc
  2. Once you’re feeling relaxed and strong, then consider the ruts, mountains and obstacles ahead – see them clearly in front of you – you must clearly define what you are dealing with and understand they are ahead and you have methods to deal with them.  They give you an opportunity to enjoy life’s challenges and the power of success – they take you to the next level of achievement.
  3. Consider First Things First – Choose 1 and 1 only priority at a time to get in order – get it to a stage that you can maintain it to a level point and see that you can gradually now improve the situation.  You can do some work on the other challenges but they are not a priority.
  4. You may need to prioritize down your most important challenge by defining the challenges within, down the line.  If so that’s fine and go back to 3.
  5. Understand that throughout the process you remain relaxed at all times.   You may now need to ensure your balance includes all of the 5F to enjoy a complete Happiness Lifestyle.
  6. Keep an open mind as you are strongly aware of opportunities coming to you through Synchronicity, powered by your reticular activating system.  This was dealt with in Wisdom for Success (Part 1) – click the link to read Part 1.

Finally …

How To Build Your Success Muscle “Self-Confidence through Self Esteem”
& How to Use the Words “I’m A Self-Made Success” For Instant Power For Success.  
We will be covering more on this in Wisdom for Success (Part 3)


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