Wisdom for Success (Part 1)

Is There Something You Really Want?  And You Want It FAST!

There is a Natural Wisdom For Success and when you use it, it will bring you tremendous results.  Not only will those results be right for you, they will be brought to you effortlessly and fast.

So what can we do to encourage this Natural Wisdom for Success?

The first is …


Getting things done faster does not mean rushing or stressing about how long it is taking.  It means having the presence of mind that encourages awareness.  This awareness allows your mind to think through how you are going about achieving something and allowing your mind to come up with the answers it has from experiences.  These experiences are often ones that your conscious mind may have forgotten.  You achieve this not by dwelling on the issues, but by letting them go out of your mind.

Let me give you an example.   I like to spend time on a task in the early morning about which I have been somewhat concerned, particularly something I have not done before.  Then when I come to a natural break, I go and have my shower and inevitably while in the shower I think of something I may not have thought of – back at my desk, I am in the flow and the task gets done easily.   Quite often it is getting away from the problem and relaxing that solves the problem in our own mind.

Want to know why “being relaxed” gets results?  And not only will you reduce a lot of stress – here’s the amazing thing …

You will get what you want faster than you would ever have thought – and here’s why …

When we push too hard we tend to then go against the flow of our life and everything around us.

It’s just like swimming against the tide.  It doesn’t matter how hard you kick, or how hard you use your arms … it’s a battle. Can you imagine how that feels?  Awful right!

Or sailing into the wind – if you point too high you go absolutely nowhere!   Sailing on a peaceful ocean with a soft breeze behind you. Imagine how that feels now … Gorgeous!

The second Natural Wisdom for Success …

Allow Synchronicity to Help You Get What You Want!

Give ample space for that most important success ingredient – Synchronicity – to work for you.

When you have something on your mind that you want to achieve and you know how to allow the ebb and flow of circumstances and natural flow of life to surround you, it is just incredible that things start happening to get you what you want.   This can be in the form of bringing someone into your life who can help you; bringing circumstances into your being; giving you knowledge that you  were not aware you had.  All of a sudden, something that seemed to be impossible or was taking more time than you wanted, is fast-tracked to success.

We now know there is a lot of science as to why this happens.  We also know that our brain is wired for these results and with the reticular activating system there to do our bidding.

You only have to know how to bring the Natural Flow into your life and absolute miracles can happen.   I know, miracles have happened to me, many times.

Starting my first business would have been hard at 19, but to turn it into a multi-million dollar business in 10 years !   More than a miracle, wouldn’t you say.   One of my miracles was meeting my first Mentor, Keith Wong.

In the next post, we will cover more on how you can achieve fantastic results this year just using the powers of Wisdom for Success that I learned from my mentor Keith Wong as he set the example for me not only to build successful businesses and build my own wealth but to also experience the success, adventures and freedom that the Wisdom for Success can bring.