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Simple Strategies for Wealth

Let’s Now Actually Apply Money Miracle # 1 – This is what has worked so well for me …

In the previous posting, we covered Money Miracle #1 if you haven’t read this, click the link here – read Part 1.   Now we give some simple strategies for wealth that you can follow immediately.

In the above post, I promised that I would give the steps for you to apply Money Miracle #1 to your life – read below a proven and Simple Strategy for Wealth.

  1. Firstly you have to clearly define your Ideal Life as we discussed in the previous post, to bring in the money you want to support Your Ideal Life.  Now I’m sure you’ve heard many many times, you have to know what you want to get it.  Be careful, if asking you to define your Ideal Life looks like a goal to you, you’re on the wrong path.   Your Ideal Life is not something you plan to do in the future.   You need to see it, hear it, feel it, live it now, in the present and as something now and ongoing – YOU are living your Ideal Life today and it grows as you grow, better and better, stronger and stronger, happier and happier, and your opportunities for wealth and therefore YOUR wealth is growing day by day.
  2. This is actually a rather nice definition of success – An Ideal Life in “Sweet” Balance.  cat in meditation 600It’s a Life where the ‘occupant’ feels happy and at home but stretched to the extent that the ‘occupant’ feels nicely challenged.   Consider the last month?  How do you feel about it; was it balanced, successful and happy while also giving you as much challenge as you would wish.
  3. Now, you might be saying that you are currently not living your Ideal Life!  There are some things you want to change, and that’s perfectly normal and absolutely okay.  In fact, this is the same for everyone at anytime in their life.   We will cover this further in Money Miracle #2 and how this will really ramp up your success.   Today, look at your life now.    Look at the areas of your life that are pretty good and what minor changes could you make to improve and enhance those areas, and what areas would you like to give a big cleanup in order to satisfy your success and happiness factors.
  4. It’s so advantageous if you follow the Happiness Lifestyle 5xF Formula. Using the example of my life in the 5 areas, Fun, Family, Fitness, Finances and Freedom:     Currently I am having as much Fun as I can fit into a busy schedule.  My Family which is a very extended family, is great and relationships are growing well, no improvement required for the present.  Fitness, ah another story.  It has been so hot the past few weeks that I have been slack; no excuse really as my gym has a nice pool that I could have been enjoying, but I have been bone lazy.  Health challenges are still bugging me, so more improvement there to work on.  Finances, taken care of in that I am well into a promotion at present which is very exciting both for me and for my clients.   Freedom – a big one for me as this is my highest value, and I am badly lacking some “me” time.
  5. Take the area of your life that needs the least work or the area you consider the most important to you.   I am going to take Fitness first, then Freedom and I am going to consider a plan to fix up these areas.  I could write out what more I want, however I am going 1 step further.  With my diary open, I am slotting in some “me” time for guitar practice and learning the didgeridoo – I have booked into the Conservatorium to join a percussion class – okay Freedom taken care of.   While the diary is open, I have put down Gym regularly for the next month, and have a mental note to plan further for Gym sessions next week.   Remember this for the future – instead of writing down something you want to do, put it straight into your diary.
  6. With the areas that are going according to plan, consider future issues before they arise;  I note that workwise and therefore financially, I have a very tight schedule to get a lot of work done.  I have been slow this week due to the hot weather.  To avoid any delays here, I mark in my calender, I will be at my desk every morning next week at 7am while it is cool and will not do anything else until my work targets are met each day, not even check emails.
  7. Now your life is in order, it can run just as clockwork.   This leaves your mind clear, calm and open, free of stress and worry.  

You might be saying what does this have to do with The Money Miracle Way!

This is how it works — when you feel happy and at home in Your Ideal Life and all is going well for you – while everything runs on autopilot, your mind is available and will actually see the opportunities and other advantages that will surely come your way.   flying 100 euro banknoteOpportunities are coming your way every day, sadly you may not see them, particularly if you have a worried and closed mind.   Open the windows and let the sun, the opportunities and the money in.  Implement today the above Simple Strategy for Wealth.

Think about it!   Have you heard the saying “Money makes Money”?

It is not that Money Makes Money.  It’s that people with no money worries, or better still a surplus of money to use and enjoy, they see the opportunities before them.  And, if they are wise and have a success mindset, their mind is clean and clear to expand and grow all the other things they are interested in – including, having more money and becoming wealth.  And that leads us to Money Miracle #2.

The Money Miracle Way #2 – Zap That Fixed Mindset – Steps to Develop a Growth Mindset

 We will be covering this in the next post on Self-Made Success 101 along with more Strategies for Wealth

Special Note:

Along with personal experiences growing businesses and wealth, including the downsides, I have adapted the Money Miracle Way with influence from “The Science of Getting Rich”, Wallace Wattles famous book, written in 1910 and still being published.  I am so grateful that this book gave a solid foundation to the experiences, ups as well as downs.SGRCoverV1

If you would like me to cover more updated practical methods from “The Science of Getting Rich” just send me an email.   I am happy to hear from you whether you have good things to say, criticisms or just saying hello.    Just email to   I will happily send a PDF copy of the book to all contributors for comments.

And remember …

Yes! Money Really Does Matter – Whether You Like It Or Not…

And You Can Have As Much As You Can Use And Enjoy for Your Ideal Life – Very Simply With a Growth Mindset

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