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Latest Released Science of Success

Why “Certain People” have such an Entrepreneurial Advantage.

While reading a research paper presented by a prominent US psychiatrist, I discovered this new science for “certain people” to achieve any success they want.

As I was one of those “certain people” it completely blew my mind!

I did not know it – this particular science of success is the number 1 reason for my success over many decades in all sorts of ways.  It’s why I continue to be able to achieve success in anything, yes that’s right ANYTHING.  I just set my mind and zap, but …

It’s also why I have my HORRIBLE DISASTERS, that I wrote about earlier.

Anyway, rather than explain what has been discovered, the good and the bad, I have made the video below.

So I’ve been slogging away researching the science of success.  As well I’ve been thinking through what’s the best way so you can benefit most from this amazing discovery.

What’s covered in the video?

It was easy for me to succeed at lots of things including starting and growing many businesses including one that reached multimillion turnover … Why?

  • I lacked any higher level education, leaving school at 15 – so why did I achieve so much when there was nothing special about me?
  • Or was there – THE SHOCKING TRUTH!!
  • The same TRUTH for Richard Branson, Michael Phelps, even Albert Einstein and many others you know in the “rich and famous” category – so I’m in good company.
  • Latest research reveals a method for amazing empowerment to achieve success at anything.   This includes – running a race, being a great sportsman, starting a successful business, excelling in school, building financial strength.  In fact just about anything you can ever want.
  • Why are some people more empowered than others, when they are known to have a particular DEFECT.
  • So I have been advantaged all my life by this “Defect”.

Learn how a known DEFECT in certain people has shown us a natural way to enhance our chances of achieving success for everyone.


Additionally, learn that being able to Hyper Focus for faster achievement is another “natural” talent for the same DEFECTIVE people.  It takes some training to know how to do this for others, but it’s very useful.   I can vouch for that!

Would love to hear from you, just email – Email now and let me know what success you want to achieve.  I’ll personally answer and make sure this latest science of success is available to you so you achieve your amazing success.

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