HOW YOU Can Achieve MORE Success in Everything You Do

Today you’ll discover The Reverse Time Success Principle:   It works beautifully for financial achievements or any other area where you want to achieve Success.   Personally I rely on this Principle and I am so grateful for its support as I have travelled my success path.   In fact, over 4 different businesses and even more career changes, this Principle has never let me down to give me not only Success and Wealth, but joy in the process.

First, some background …

When it comes to achieving success, have you heard this saying?    “Don’t put your ladder up against the wrong wall”.

Woman crying

Woman crying

Have you started something and then realized it’s not right for you?   Wrong wall?  It’s hard work climbing the ladder of success – just to find yourself in a place you don’t want to be.

How devastating!  But how do you know – which is the RIGHT wall?

YOU DON’T!   Well without this you don’t.

Consider this … so you’ve spent a lot of time doing something – it hasn’t worked out. What do you say to yourself?

Too many people say – I made a mistake, I was wrong, EVEN WORSE, I’m a failure.  These are debilitating excuses and sometimes just cop outs!

Reality is actually you have been successful, why?

You have spent a lot of Time; that Time has given you a great reward … Now you know YOU CAN climb the ladder, maybe you even got to the top but even if you just got up a few rungs, you learned heaps getting there. This experience will build for some people great self-confidence, and sadly it will smash self-confidence for others because…

The choice you make will carry you to even more success or you will just not accept the great learning experience you have had and that means a waste of the Time you’ve used up.  You see, the Time we spend climbing the ladder is of no value unless we have a way of learning from it and then value-adding to it.  How we use our time is our life experience, and we can make it valuable or inconsequential?

And, we can get help here: We get help with the Reverse Time Success Principle.

THIS IS HOW YOU FIND THE RIGHT WALL EVERY TIME2015-09-22_15-08-56Men on ladders 400 wide
A Clue – How Do You Spend Your Time?

An explanation of the Reverse Time Success Principle: Rather than work hard to achieve some success we have plucked out of the blue, or worse still out of someone else’s life, or even worse we choose to achieve something because we think we should – using the Reverse Time Success Principle we look at our life and what are the most enjoyable ways we love to spend our time; where do we feel we give the most value?   We then plan what will be the success aims in our life based on our chosen and enjoyable time expenditure. We then monetize it and that time expenditure becomes financial income.

To give you an example, I loved hearing my father talk about his business. It was a small business, a factory – nothing glamorous, just machines, sawdust and noise.   I could listen to my father for hours, and as I was growing up I read books on business, I did a secretarial course so I could work in business – wanting to have a business was not “a thing” for girls to do at that time in Australia.

Leaving school at 15, secretary at 16, night school doing Accountancy (didn’t finish), reading about marketing and other business related topics – mind you I had no idea what business I was going to have (to be honest I didn’t really care) – guess what, at 28 I had a successful property development business, was branching into construction contracting, and had a net worth of $5 million and growing exponentially.

I didn’t know it then but my success was all due to the Reverse Time Success Principle.

And I am doing the same now.   Over too many years to even consider, I have been a passionate student of personal development and success and I have also loved helping my staff, my friends, through volunteer work in Rotary, and even people at homeless shelters, to be the person they wish to be, and living the lifestyle that is right for them.

How many times I have heard people say I want to be more financially successful, money is such a problem!   Then they go into some business venture only because this is where they believe they can make more money – the trouble is that this means they need to spend a great deal of their time making this venture work and this is not where they want to spend their time.

My wealthy friends and clients never, never do this.   We will cover this in a future article.

If you want wealth, use the Reverse Time Success Principle:

  • Look at how you currently spend your time, what do you enjoy?  Or …
  • Is there something you would love to do that you think you currently don’t have time for?
  • Maybe you are doing something now that is a hobby and could be a business?
  • Are you working in a job now that you could turn into a business and become a consultant?
  • Is there something you would love to do that you could train for part time and change jobs?
  • Do you have a friend who has a talent you feel is wasted, could you join together for a money making venture?

There are so many ways to be more successful, to make money, it is endless. So far I have had 4 different businesses at different stages of my life, all successful and all massive fun because I have only ever started a business or gone into a career where I knew I would be happy to spend my time EVEN IF I did not make much money.  And of course, I always make a lot of money, even with one of my wealthy clients being so grateful for some work I did for his company that he sent me a bonus cheque for $90,000.

When you enjoy this experience too, you will have confidence in yourself and you’ll know for sure you can achieve your  goal, even if it turns out not to be what you really want.  You’ll gain from the experience and move on.  You will see it just as if it was an apprenticeship to achieve your ultimate success and wealth.

In building up my property development and construction contracting business, on the first project I suffered a huge loss, in fact over $200,000 – oh goodness, when I think of the mistakes I made – how embarrassing.

I wanted to give up, but luckily I couldn’t. My business partner pointed out that I needed to make enough money on the next project to recover the losses from the first. Yes, I was naive too, why did I think I could walk away from such a debt.

But I did complete my first building – it was a block of 10 really nice townhouses, and considering when I started the project I did not even know how concrete got itself into a concrete slab – talk about knowing what you’re doing!

So because of that building, although it was a financial flop, I now knew I could build a great building, I just needed to apply my mind to making the next one a financial winner, which it was.

Family In Garden By TreehousePLEASE – do not think the Reverse Time Success Principle works only for financial success.   It also works for relationship success, for fitness and all sorts of areas of your life.   More about this coming in future articles.

In the meantime, it’s a great idea to often have a look at how you are spending your time and to remember to apply the Reverse Achievement of Success Principle.