Money For Your Lifestyle: Money Miracle 1

Do You Have Enough Money to Use And Enjoy – No Worries, No Scrimping?

“Money Means Nothing to Me” …

What a glib statement!   I am embarrassed to say this used to be my attitude.   That was when I considered I had more money than I needed.  My net worth was in the millions.  I did not realize it had all happened because of the Money Miracle process.

Needless to say, with this attitude, my life was less than ideal.   And as I did not value the money I had, I lost my ‘fortune’.   This was back in the 90’s.

The good news is that this tough experience changed both my attitude to life and my attitude to money.

It also gave me an appreciation of the importance of having a lifestyle that is right at your core.

Then I realized this “Miracle 1” …

You probably know, I was a Property Developer building apartments and commercial buildings.  Large amounts of money were required.  I became used to negotiating to borrow many millions of dollars.   It was nothing, no fuss.  You see, that was my life at that time.   I did nothing else really other than build my business and some competitive sailing.   And even then if I wanted to buy the boat a spinnaker, spend $5,000 or more, I did.  The money was always there.

In fact, the money I needed for anything was there.  I did not realize this was thanks to the Money Miracle.

Then I had the major financial crash.   I thought it was just tough economic times, or bad luck.  What I realize now is that my business life became a burden.  I realized I wanted more than just working all the time, and my sailing that I loved, had stopped due to some crew fallouts.  Some people said I sabotaged myself,and I think that was probably right.

My business gone, for quite a while I worked in the most dreary jobs.   But I did what was expected.   And I was always short of money – I thought it was my fault, but I realized later, I was not living in the Money Miracle Way.

What I needed and finally got – years later – was a complete reappraisal of my life and the lifestyle I was living.


I saw my life as something I was living automatically – I was not prepared to live this life anymore …

So I developed a plan for my Ideal Life and started on that course right away.

I made a great and very complete plan for the present leading to my long term future.

So what is the Money Miracle and how can you have this Miracle too?

From that time, that I clearly knew what my Ideal Life was meant to be, whatever money was needed arrived in my life; whenever I needed money that I could USE AND ENJOY, I could bank on it coming into my life in some form.

Sometimes it arrived as a possibility for me to borrow if the outcome was financial in nature.   Other times, unexpected income arrived.   In one case a person who had treated me very badly apologized and forgave a debt.   In most of the cases, money came from me seeing an opportunity that I was able to work towards increased income from that opportunity.  In some cases these were very lucrative opportunities, and my income rose to a point that I was actually living my Ideal Life both in lifestyle and with the money to match – pure financial freedom.  It was just the same as when I was enjoying being a property developer, money came, but went when I let my life slip into the abyss.

From that time I was living just the way I wanted, increases in my income stopped for a while and that was fine, because I was living my Ideal Life and had enough money that I could use and enjoy.

Then I had a revision to my Ideal Life – it required more money, and it happened yet again …

Money revved up its pace and opportunities started again.  Hurray for the Money Miracle …

How you can apply this Miracle 1 to you, will be described in the next post.   We will also cover the important Miracle #2 to Financial Lifestyle.

Here’s a Secret – This Money Miracle Way is also described in the book – “The Science of Getting Rich” written in 1910.   It now also has a modern scientific base – amazing so many people miss out on using it when it is so readily available.

Did you read Wisdom for Success (Part 3)?   If not, please do – click the link –  and Build Your Self Esteem and Self-Confidence – also important to take the Money Miracle Opportunities.

And remember …

Yes! Money Really Does Matter – Whether You Like It Or Not…

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