To Your Happiest and Most Joyful Easter

Success and A Great Life is Just Like Conducting an Orchestra.

Just had to send this to you with my wishes for a happy and joyful Easter.  Then I thought further – 


So many different sounds, emanating from different people, things, places! 

Noise or Music?

It’s okay, in fact it’s preferable, if the “musicians” around us are committed to a different instrument, a different path on their own musical performance of Life.

Our Life is best when we practice and perform with like-minded people playing their different instruments in tune with ours. 

How great it sounds when many different instruments play together.  But, if even one instrument is not tuned things do not sound too good

And if we are all not playing in unison, if one is out of beat – UGH!   Hear that wrong beat? or out of tune instrument?  Like a shiver up your spine!

What’s wrong?  What’s missing … Where’s the Conductor!

YOU are the Conductor of your Life.

Be a great one … Listen to the sounds of the orchestra carefully and deal with the wrong notes.  Keep everyone playing together, bring them in when you feel it’s right. 

Conduct !   Lead your orchestra with pride, passion, professionalism. 

Conduct so the rhythm of Your Orchestra is the Beat of Your Life

Have a joyous Easter : Peace to our World.

And, Don’t forget Great Conductors … Have Fun and Take A Bow Often

By the way, do you feel happy just looking at the picture of the Easter Rabbits?  Can you hear what they’re playing?  Let me know by clicking here to send me an email.

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