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Football finals tonight here … I want my Cowboys to win.  One thing is for sure though, if the Cowboys walked slowly onto the field, slumped, looking dejected, our belief in their ability to win would be, well, not high!
But they will be lead out by the Captain, the gorgeous Johnathan Thurston.
He’s not a big guy but he will come onto that field looking like the biggest, strongest bloke on the field. Proud in every way.
Yes, this will be important to his team;  it will be important to the fans.  And it will be important to show confidence to the other side.
But it’s a lot more than that!  It will bring him a great playing game.
Anyone who has walked on burning coals in a Tony Robbins Seminar, gets it!
Anyone who’s been terrified of something and knows the “Get into State” Method, then gets exactly what they want – GET’S IT TOO!
All is revealed in this Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy.  It’s 20 minutes but I could not edit, every minute was important.
Amy Cuddy is a social psychologist.  In this powerful Ted-Talk video she shows how “power posing” has an amazing impact on our chances for success.  Towards the end of the video Amy reveals so much about her journey to success in her life.   Thank you Amy for being such an inspiration.
Thank you to Ted Talk for another excellent presentation.