To Be Respected – Show Respect

Christmas is for children – and inside of all of us is a child.

“Christmas is for children” doesn’t mean we have to buy children loads of presents.  There are more important things.  My best ever Christmas present as a child was a home-made present.  Didn’t cost Dad a dime.  At that time, my family was in financial crisis.

Most important to a child is that we show respect to them.  Respect to listen to them as they speak; respect not to yell at them.  They crave respect to show them that we value them and their ideas.

Children also need to see the respect we have for ourselves.  They are confused if we abuse ourselves with too much food.  Even worse if we abuse alcohol or smoke.  I could go on – but you get the idea.

Sadly the jails are full of people who were disrespected as children. It’s the ultimate cruelty!

I’m reminded of “treat everyone as you would have them treat you”.

Inside of all of us is a child, so we should treat the people around us, as we go through our life, as a child we want to nurture …

We ask children to show respect to their parents, but do we show respect to them?

Jesus Christ has given us a magnificent legacy in his philosophies and teachings.

Think of the words in the Bible:

“Do unto others as you would have them to unto you” and

“Love thy neighbor”

I see a few families who could love each other a bit more …

It’s sad when families don’t appreciate that every member of their family deserves to be respected.  When this respect shows, mom, dad, children, grandparents, the whole family will feel valued.  It will be a family unit at peace and everyone will flourish.

A most important consideration:

We cannot be respected by others if we do not show respect to ourselves.

We enjoy Christmas every year as it reminds us of joy of peace and goodwill.

This year, give yourself the gift of happiness, joy, peace and goodwill.  Show that you respect yourself so this respect radiates to your children and your partner.  Respect is then free to radiate to your immediate and extended family, to your community.   Maybe ultimately to The World.

Thank you Jesus, for giving us the opportunity to respect ourselves.  You taught us one more very important thing:

When someone has a go at us, do we turn the other cheek? If it’s a small thing, maybe we do but if it is something that disrespects us we must stand up for what is right.

When we respect ourselves we must calmly and intelligently stand up for ourselves.

This way, we make a stand that may put an end to others being disrespected and to stop similar wrongs from reoccurring.  This does not stop at family life and personal issues.

It might seem like a small thing, but a wrong committed in our workplace can lead to community and world issues.

Jesus taught us this too.


MERRY CHRISTMAS from us all at Self-Made Success 101

cheers,   Sharyn

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