Can You Change Your World?

“You Can Change the World When You Change Your Mind”

Have you seen Kinky Boots?   This fabulous show, written by Cyndi Lauper, is currently touring the world.  

Kinky Boots excites us with this interesting thought.

However, there’s another way of looking at it – consider this:

You Change YOUR World When You Change Your Mind!

Let me explain why this is important to you …

You live in YOUR world, within you – with your thoughts.  As well you live in your world, outside you – with your actions …

Others live in their world, some in worlds similar to yours …

Some live on what it seems like another planet!

When you know how, you can bring more joy, power, success, wealth and so much more, into your world.

To do this, you may need to “help” something to leave your world, maybe bad habits or even people you’ve “grown out of”.

Sometimes our world has conflict within it.  When it does, we MUST deal with it if we want to live in OUR BEST WORLD.

My Dilemma!

My world has had a major conflict for a long time now.  So, at the start of this year I decided to do something about it.

And I have …

Yes, I took major action!   To start with, I make a promise to myself  “Change Your World”!

You see, I have had two main passions in my world.  It’s sort of like having two romances at the same time …

I have built up my property businesses over many decades.  I started from scratch, working very hard creating a strong group of companies.  The last few years the digital world has given us many opportunities.   I massively enjoy helping people in Self-Made Success 101.  I’ve learnt how to do all my own creative and technical work, and I really enjoy writing.  It seems this is now where my heart is.

Have you ever felt motivated by two very strong interests?  Do you think those interests are of equal importance?   They never are, one will always demand precedence, even if it is alternating precedence.

What happens when you start work in the morning knowing that you don’t know where to place your priority?  Now we have conflict!

So I decided I could not remain in conflict.  The only way I could see to do this was to let one of my “passions” go.

I received notice from my lawyer this morning.  We have settled with the buyer.   It has taken months of negotiation, and now it’s done.

It is with deep sadness that my property businesses are no longer mine.   They have moved into other persons’ worlds, no longer part of mine.  Maybe it’s like seeing your children get married 😉

So here I am, sad in a way, but happy at the same time.  No longer being in conflict.

And right now, I feel my world is just as I want it to be.  I am so looking forward to the rest of this year.

My absolute passion now is to have you feeling like I do, and enjoying life as I do, living in the “world” of A Self-Made Success

What about your World?

Do you want to Change Your World in some way?

Is your world functioning just as you want YOUR World to be?

Are there some “countries” in your world in conflict?  What about the people in your world?  Are they happy being in your world?  Could they be happier if you made some changes in your world?

Untie, Free & Spin Your World to Change Your World

Is it time to untie your world and let it spin freely?  When your world spins freely, you’ll be so much happier living in YOUR world, and the people around you will relax knowing where they are in your world.

5 Steps to Untie & Spin Your World

Step 1:

Realize you have complete control over your world. You can only control your world if you are fully aware of everything you do every day.   Become more aware of everything you do for at least 2 full days, one workday, and one non-workday.  Write down how you use your time.   What do you like doing, what don’t you like doing.   No decisions here, just awareness at this stage.

Step 2:

List in writing what you like doing; consider how you can do more of it.   Could you start a business doing this, or any of these things.  Could this thing be a permanent hobby or sport for you?  How can you make time to do more of what you like doing.  Can you involve your family, your friends, the more people in your world that enjoy the best parts of your world with you the better.

Step 3:

List what you don’t like doing. Put beside each item why you are doing it.   It could be because it will lead you to something you like doing in the future and that’s okay.  If it will lead to a great reward, it’s worth the stress. Consider what you can do to make this appeal to you more.   Alternatively be aware and celebrate every time you do this thing you don’t like that it is leading you to a much better World.

Step 4:

After you’ve taken these three steps, how are you feeling? Describe your feelings.   Are you overwhelmed – what is causing this?   Are you trying to do too much?   Are you doing too little?   Do you have issues that are conflicted?   What can you do with thoughts or actions to remove any conflicts.   Are you okay with your new plans, or are you still looking to change your world in the present?

Step 5:

Get help. Coaching can be amazing or can be a drag, but it is worth considering.  Mentoring is worthwhile in some instances.   If you want to go further, do you have a community counselling centre in your city?  Or go lite, and share with a friend the above steps and then help each other to make your World Spin you to Freedom.

Today, get in touch with me, I’ll be happy to support you in every way I can.   Even just a 10 minute skype call can start to untie your world.

Or, email me and let me know how you go with these 5 steps.   Do you feel your World is Spinning Freely giving you a sense of freedom and direction in your World?


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