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We do consider Career and Business Skills start out being very much the same, and then, once you are on top of the basics Career Skills and Business Skills, these areas become quite different to achieve higher level success.  We have found 5 clear secrets to success in these areas to Improve Your Life and bring you to SELF-MADE SUCCESS.

If you have a specific question or need help in starting, managing or making your own business more successful.  We can help you with specific strategies and processes.

Secret One – Career and Business Skills – what do they have in common?  You need to know what you are good at!

i love my jobThe most important thing to success is to find out what you are good at, while at the same time, find out what you are not good at.  You might really enjoy something, even in fact have a passion towards something, however if you are not good at it, there is a different strategy to be followed.  Sharon Tieman, known as Madam Marketing, makes the observation, “I’m passionate about spending time with my kids, and going out to restaurants with friends – but I am yet to have someone pay me for it”.  At the same time, I do not like property development as much as I do construction, in fact I just love the whole construction process, while development work to me is a bit boring, however it is the development side of my business that I am good at, while construction is a process that others are much better at managing.  In a case like this, I need to look at what areas of development that I do like, do those things with joy, and then systematise those things that I do not like so I can feel the achievement of just getting those things done as quickly as possible.  One thing is for sure, whether it is your career or your business, no one is going to want to hear what you like and what you do not, so to systematise in order that you can be most effective in the shortest time is massively important.  Of course if it is a hobby, you do what you like, however your business or your career is not a hobby, the idea is to get to a level that you can make your own decisions as soon as possible, so this will mean in the beginning be prepared to deal with getting on top by achieving results in areas even if you are not passionate about them.

emyth revisitedHave you read Michael Gerber’s book the E-myth, and no it is not E for electronic, but E for entrepreneurial?  This covers how to systematise your business.  But it equally applies to a career.  This book is very worth reading.

When you first start in a business or a career, you may have to do everything yourself at first, however to get leverage, as you learn the ropes your mind should be continually on what you can do to get someone else to carry out each task developing to carrying out a whole process.  It is a good idea to get ready for this important step by putting those early steps and tasks into a system so it is easy to hand over to someone else.  Then what a joy when you can delegate where you want to!

At SELF-MADE SUCCESS 101 we have a process to help you get moving with Secret One.


Secret Two – You certainly must work Smart, and know when to Let up!

Do not make the mistake of wanting everything to be right, and at the same time be careful not to get slack.  If you have the opportunity to delegate, someone will probably not do the task as well as you, however as long as the result is good, that is all that matters, and in time they might do the task better than you.

Take time to play advice on napkinIt is so important to work stress free.  Yes, I absolutely mean this.  It is the only way to have long term success in your life.  We are under a lot of pressure in our career or business today.  The pace is fast.  You must develop the ability to be totally at ease with your work;  your management skills must include the training in prioritization, relationship management, personal management, relaxation management, goal planning, values achievement, and so many more.   We teach all these as Part of SELF-MADE SUCCESS 101.  You need to be able to think up level and down level and be able to know the strengths and weaknesses of your upline management and downline personnel.

Your personal life is an important part of your business life.  I went through a period that in 10 years I did not have a holiday. I worked long hours, weekends.  For some years I took Saturday off for competitive sailing, and I used Sunday for getting my life in order at home – when times got tough in my business I was able to cope even without having had holidays, I had some reserves.   Gradually the Saturday sailing was dropped and I employed staff to do my personal work and home work, times got tough and I did not have the reserves, I fell in a big heap, it was awful, even though in retrospect it was time for a new beginning.  However, I could think of some easier ways to have a new beginning!!

Secret Three – 3 Skills you must have for every Career or Business………

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