7 Strategies for Success and Wealth: 1st Strategy

Too Many Make This Mistake!

What’s The Right Way to Wealth and Being A Self-Made Success?

As strange as it may seem, you need to think in reverse.   This is the secret of being a self-made success.   So, what do I mean?

Too many people think they’ll have the lifestyle they want when they achieve a “grand measure of success”.

So wrong!   If you work on your lifestyle first, success will naturally flow.   So watch the video further down this page and start today.   Develop the lifestyle of being a self-made success THE RIGHT WAY, and the life you enjoy today will carry you you to success and wealth.

But Beware!  Make sure you live the lifestyle you REALLY WANT – the video below will explain.quote-carl-yung

I was lucky enough in my early 20’s to meet a man called Keith Wong.   He was at that time very successful and very wealthy, with many different companies in a number of diverse industries.   Among his business interests was an international nightclub, property development, importing and exporting all sorts of textiles and toys, toy manufacturing, retail businesses, and restaurants.   He was the first person to introduce trading with China to Australia and the United States.   Keith had arrived in Australia just after WW2, flat broke, didn’t speak English!

After being promoted to a senior position in one of his companies, I had the opportunity to work closely with him and study his success and how he built his wealth.

Later as a property development and construction consultant I was lucky enough to work with some amazing wealthy investors, many self-made multi millionaires.  Interestingly, there were so many commonalities between my wealthy clients and also with Keith Wong.

My own experiences lead me from wealth, to financial ditches, and back to success and wealth again.   Although a tough path to success and wealth, it showed me that my wealthy clients and Keith Wong followed certain strategies that could bring natural success with very little hassle, this success being done in such a way that would bring a natural wealth path to them.

In this video the 1st of 7 Strategies will be revealed, and without you following this 1st Strategy there is just about no chance of you being successful or wealthy, unless you have a wealthy uncle 🙂


Yes, if you want to be successful and wealthy, start today to BE successful and wealth.   So what does this mean?  I’m sure you’ve heard “fake it ’til you make it”?   Well it’s true in this case.

We will be covering the 2nd Strategy in the next video.

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