How to be a Self-Made Success in 2018

How to Be A Self-Made Success in 2018

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick 3-minute video,   If you would like more Tips for Self-Made Success, just scroll down to “Tips for Better Results”.

Success in 2018

Happy New Year – Enjoy Success in 2018

It’s important to know How to be a Self-Made Success in 2018 so you don’t waste your time with the following useless actions:

2 Do-Not Dos:

  1. To start with, please, no resolutions!  Rarely do resolutions happen.  Even worse, you’ll feel really bad when you don’t achieve the results you want.
  2. Don’t look back at 2017 – it’s GONE!  Let it go.  It’s time get on with being your own brand of Self-Made Success in 2018.

How to be a Self-Made Success in 2018 – What to do instead:

  1. Attitude: Who do you want to be in 2018?  It’s time for you to be the person you want to be.  Decide what *attitude* you want to work with, play with, and live with?  If your attitude is right your energy levels are high. You’ll have a positive approach to deal with challenges. You are happier and the people around you are happier too.  You’ll find being a Self-Made Success a breeze.
  2. Engagement: At the end of 2018, you’ll be so proud of your achievements.  This means, right now, you’ve got to start, work at and finish what you want to achieve. It’s actually exciting to be fully *engaged* in getting the important matters done.  Engagement gets results with ease.  The Sprint Program can help with this and how to be a Self-Made Success.  Particularly important are the AE7Xfactors for Engagement.
  3. Love Your Life: You will enjoy every week of 2018 if you enjoy a balanced life.  What are the important segments of your life?  This is personal to each of us. My areas of balance are fun, family, fitness finances and freedom.
Sprint in 2018 - How to be a Self-Made Success in 2018

Sprint to Success and Win the Money Marathon

Tips for Better Results:

  • Attitude is important to our happiness. Happiness is important to our success. Success can be important to our income growth and therefore our wealth. Research by social scientists into the release of brain chemicals is important to understand. It proves the importance of our happiness to achievement.
  • Consider, do you want to deal with people with a poor attitude!
  • Science helps us to become completely engaged any time we want to do so. A leading psychiatrist has uncovered the engagement factors that assist people with ADHD. These engagement factors will support motivation for you too.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful not to have to try?   Just put the engagement AE7Xfactors into action and your focus keeps you at it until you’ve finished the task at hand.
  • Life balance is easier than it might seem at first. Our balancing segments often overlap. For example, practicing my golf is both good for my fitness and I have fun. It also gives me a sense of freedom.
  • Set up a diary. Treat your life balance segments like appointments. Mark your calendar each week – what will you do in each segment for life balance.

Can you say this with total belief?

“I have an excellent attitude! 2018 brings me success in everything I want to achieve”.  Do you have a challenge believing this?

Please consider what help you may need, whether it’s in having a wonderful attitude, becoming engaged to achieve your Self-Made Success, or in life balance. Any time I will help you look at your options.

I want you to have the best year of your life.  I want you to know how to be a Self-Made Success in 2018 an even bigger success than you plan to be.

If you would like to know more about the AE7XFactors, we explain more here:    Sprint to Success and Win the Money Marathon

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