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A Self-Made Success – that’s You!


Do you want to achieve every goal you have?  Want to be called a Self-Made Success?  You can, starting today.

This lady, Audrey Hepburn achieved everything she wanted in her life – she certainly was a Self-Made Success.   Did you know she was a refugee?   Not only did she have success in her profession leading to wealth, but she also enjoyed a very happy private life.  She spent the last decades of her life as a United Nations Ambassador showing her strength of character, her values.  Her whole life demonstrated her joy and a spirit of true happiness.

As shown in this video, she saw happiness as being the most important thing along with enjoying your life.   She showed right through her life how to enjoy a true quality of life regardless of the circumstances.

Your Life Can Be Just As Joyful As Audrey Hepburn …

You see, the quality of your life is managed by your mind and the actions you take?

It’s possible in a short time to develop the right mind-management and then take positive actions – AND THEY NEED TO BE THE RIGHT ONES FOR THE Outcome You Want.  This can come very naturally when you follow the right Strategies.

sharyn small gymI’m Sharyn, and I can demonstrate to you how a successful and wealthy life starts with being happy (in the right way).  This leads to your success and then building your income first leading to your wealth.   

Actually it has a lot to do with science;  your natural brain chemicals give you an amazing power to achieve, you just need to know how to use this power.

Following this natural order makes it so much easier to achieve what you want in any area of your life.  This process has supported me as I have built 5 successful businesses in different industries, while living an absolutely amazing and exciting life.

As well, I have had great pleasure helping hundreds of women and men in their success journey. This has given me so much pleasure and joy.

Your Process for Achievement and to Become Wealthy …

slow down and see on napkin

It might sound simplistic;  this process is built on what I call the Mind-Action Paths.   Yes, it does sound too easy and in many ways it is easy to do.  There is however more to discover about the most appropriate Processes and Strategies for you and in the implementation of each of the 4 Mind-Action Paths. Delightfully, you can very easily follow these Processes and Strategies in your life regardless of where you come from, where you start your journey or who you are.

It is just a matter of having THE RIGHT Step-by-Step Plan designed personally for you.   I would be very happy to help you develop your Plan, Process and Action Path towards your Happiness, Success and Wealth.  

Just email me at and I would be thrilled to have a chat during a 30 minute free consultation with you to help you get started.

What’s Your Mind-Action Path to Self-Made Success?

It has taken me so long to refine the Mind-Action Paths for success to work every time, years of challenge and also struggle.  I am not a coach nor a psychologist.  I am a person who was determined to achieve success in my own life – but I found, I would start getting ahead and then something would happen and I would be down again.  “There must be a way to continuous success” I thought, not only for me but for others.  So with massive study of success mentors, scientists, psychologists, and other disciplines in human behavior, I finally hit on the answers.

Then, being a volunteer on stage with Tony Robbins – but that was only the beginning …

Are you are a person who wants to have a joyful and happy lifestyle, have an outstanding measure of success and wants as much money as you can use and enjoy.

If so, YOU are invited to be included in the “I’m A Self-Made Success” Club – just click the image below – it’s absolutely free!


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It’s Your Time to … Get Happy:  Create Your Own Brand of Success:  Enjoy Rewards of Wealth:  Have Time to Play